A Total Eclipse of the Heart

What happens when thousands upon thousands of people journey to the forest in the middle of Oregon to bear witness to the celestial spectacle of our lifetime? Magic… that’s what. Having journeyed to many a festival in my day, I must say- nothing quite compared to the Global Eclipse Gathering.

The rumors are true. Teamwork makes the dream work. And this colossal communal experience was nothing short of a wild, wet dream come true. Each of us embarked on this soul pilgrimage, traveling from all over the globe with our unique intentions, varying expectations, yet- all heading the same place. There’s so much beauty in that.

Getting there is no cake walk. In fact, once you’ve made your way through the pearly gates, it ain’t exactly a breeze. It’s more like getting caught in the tailwind of a psychedelic Tasmanian devil. But, this is what makes Symbiosis what it is. Its essence is rooted in chaos. And like Nietzsche says, “you gotta have chaos within to give birth to a dancing star.”  

And beneath those glimmering Oregon stars, I danced more in those few days than I have in years. Shout out to the Moon Stage, particularly  El Papachango, Releece, Tiger Fresh, and a 6-hour Deep Medi Showcase for making my ass do things I didn’t know it could. I was moved, both literally and figuratively, perhaps more than I ever have been in the totality of my existence. And though there may be some, while buried in their heaps of jade, who scoff at the idea of being transformed by a transformational festival, there’s a reason the name reigns.

One needed a doctorate degree to read the schedule, so I immediately tossed the notion of following an itinerary to the wind and fully submitted to the flow. Yee-Haw! Since I was less concerned with where to be and when, and more consumed with making sure I wasn’t peeing on a rattlesnake or falling down a deep ravine, I simply pulled up my swag rag dusk mask, courtesy of Peace Fits, and let my earholes and eyeballs lead the way. My orifices did not disappoint!

An act that blew me away like no other was Pendulum People; PendulumPeople

Brooklyn-based cøsmic crew consisting of Nova Zef, Soraya Lundy, LVDF,  and Justin Conte that take the meaning of next level… to the next level. Amongst a stage made up of vibrant peacocks and butterfly dragon heads, we were instantly hypnotized by the magic these creatures possess. Their astral aesthetic and entrancing beats evoked an expressive exorcism of sorts. Truth bombs exploding from the lips of Nova, a galactic gangstress, high priestess that together with her powerful posse, incited a riot within.

Their choreography and wardrobe are truly out of this universe. With each song came a costume change. Your imagination and inspiration were left gushing for more. Their performance was the epitome of a show, an experience that delights all the senses. At times I laughed, cried, and even howled like a banshee. The wild woman within was woke AF.

With the oversaturation of electronic music these days, many have said artistry is dead. But, these folks straight up performed an expressive baptism on our tainted souls. On that theater stage, I bore witness to the most inspiring form of creative expression I’ve yet to experience.

This was particularly powerful because I felt as though this trippy troupe’s performance was perfectly in sync with what this total solar eclipse symbolized.

As the stars aligned, the sun and moon danced, and the divine feminine soared. This union served as a celestial catalyst to face our shadows, embrace the light and let our truths shine bright. While the sky grew dark, our ego died. The flame of our fears extinguished, making way for our true gifts and an abundance of self-love. For it has been said that a revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having. But, together we dance. Together we rise.


Artwork by MerakiLabbe
Photo by