Pussy Power House: Why We Need More Events Like This

Recently I had the ultimate pleasure of attending Pussy Power House,  the vulvacious brain child of Corinne Loperfido–a sensuous haven where you are given a golden ticket to delve deep into the depths of your truest and most authentic sexy self…quite literally. Or shall, I say… cliterally! Yasss mama!

Upon entering, you must first journey through a labyrinth of sorts amid one of LA’s most kick-ass shops,  Pskaufman. There’s cool art, plants, tons of shoes, and even more beautiful people. Under the floorboards and around the corner, you arrive to a room full of all your dreams come true. Seriously. The smell of leather and cannabis tickle your nose. Pot Priestess, Lizzy Jeff, greets you with her radiant smile and a wondrous assortment of creations infused with love and 420 magic. Elixirs, herbal blends, tinctures. All the things. All delicious. At this point, you might be thinking, “Damn, that’s good. How could it get better?” But, don’t you fret sweetheart, it does.

Nearly every inch of the space is full of handmade art, all made by badass babes, all ready to take your pussy-powerdom to the next level. In the back corner, there is a gold mine of literature all dedicated to learning more about how amazing your vagina is and how wonderful it is to be a woman. You can pick up an instrument to play if you’re feeling in tune. You can learn how to make your own toothpaste and other apothecary goodies. You can sip tea out of cute little cups. You can get lost in a painting. I think I came and went cross-eyed from looking at one of Dana Peters’ pieces.  You can try on a magical kimono and get a hand massage. Curious as to what’s in the cards for your future? You can find out. There’s a lady there that can tell you such things. I mean it.

Personally, these things are all my most favorite. All of which, I generally have to seek out on their own, and sometimes have a difficult time doing so. But thanks to Pussy Power House, I have access to all of my beloveds in one charming place. There’s pussy. Weed. Chocolate. Music. Pussy Poppin. Art. Education. Activism. A strong sense of community. All under one roof. All for you. I mean, cum on… what more could you want?  The vibes are high, y’all. And most likely, so are you.

I have been blessed enough to attend many of Corinne’s events and they are all masterly curated. This queen knows what’s up in every sense of the term and wants to share that knowledge with those who are willing to listen and hungry to stay woke.  Despite these events being unique in their own way, there is always one common theme: empowerment. By attending these events, you are not only given the opportunity to educate yourself about your body, and soul, but you are exposed to other boss ass witches who are all on that same tip of loving themselves and wanting to cultivate that further. To be surrounded in a room of like-minded women, coming together to support one another and share their gifts is nothing short of magic.

Some of you may have the misconceived notion this is just some kind of lesbian gang bang where we all pull out our snatches and bash men. I may have a lady crush on every one of the featured artists, but it’s a misandry free zone. All are accepted here. And all are guaranteed to walk away feeling a little more in love with themselves. In these crazy, fucked up times we need this sense of unity and liberation more than ever. How often can you say you went out for a night on the town and left feeling better than when you arrived?  So, if you have the pleasure of attending one of these events sometime in the near future, do it. Treat yoself. You deserve it.

Viva la vulva!

Art by Alyssa Morang-Pavlock 


Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride


Music, like love, is one of those things that has a way of leaving an everlasting imprint on the depths of our soul. It’s there for us when no one else is. It’s there to conduct the vibes for some of our greatest times. Music is a means for us to express ourselves; it carries our minds to other realms, to allow us to feel everything or nothing at all. Music serves as a means of teleportation, since jet packs aren’t a thing yet.

All lovers of music know this. When we listen to our favorite album, sometimes we imagine ourselves in these environments that only our wildest dreams could think up. We start to feel the wind on our face, start to smell the trees or ocean breeze. Enough people must have experienced this, too, and finally got together and said, “hey, let’s create an entirely immersive experience for the music aficionado.” Of course, concerts alone can achieve this at times. But, this is merely grazing the surface. Music festivals take this to an entirely different level. They immerse all of our senses and take us on the ride of our lives.

Festivals have this way of blowing our minds completely open and imagining things we never once before dreamt possible. It opens our eyes to the infinite possibility of this existence and leaves us wanting to push the boundaries like never before. Wait. What? Did I just see a unicorn riding a pirate ship whilst eating a veggie burger and listening to my favorite DJ with thousands of my closest friends? Yep. You sure did. This is a dream you never have to wake up from. It is reality. And it’s awesome.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Festivals are no walk in the park. They can be uncomfortable. And at times, downright miserable. They are typically held amongst rugged terrain, extreme temperatures, dust and wind and all the things in between. You’re sleep deprived. You lost a shoe and your car keys. You’re sweating your ass off one minute and freezing the next. You have dirt in places you wish you didn’t. But it is in this uncomfortability that we are forced to step outside of ourselves, crawl out of our shell a bit, let our guards down and just dive in, head first, to the weirdness. For it is at the end of our comfort zone that life begins. And it is in these moments when we can surprise ourselves the most.

In fact, my first time ever visiting California was to attend Lightning in a Bottle. I was turning 21 and wanted to treat myself to an adventure. I decided to take a Greyhound bus from New Orleans to Los Angeles, where I then hitchhiked my way to the festival. I had no idea what to expect, but I was ready to experience whatever was thrown my way. And my-oh-my what an adventure that was!

I saw things I never knew existed. I heard music that made my body move in ways it never had before. I experienced anxiety when throwing my garbage away because I didn’t know which part of my meal to put into which bin. Reigning from the land of all things fried, I had never heard of compost. The people were breathtakingly beautiful. The food was deliciously fresh. Everyone treated you as family. No matter where you came from, no matter your story, you were home. My mind, body, and soul had been totally set aflame.

I started to completely change my mentality and way of life after that. And no, this was not as a result of the intake of substances. This was pure observation turned into extreme motivation and inspiration. I wanted everyone I knew to experience this. This was the future. This was hope for humankind. I started thinking, if we can live our everyday lives the ways we conduct ourselves at festivals, what a beautiful world this would be. The sense of community, the love, the self-expression. Wow! All the things, full force, in all its positive glory.

The Do Lab are masters of this craft. Their events, particularly Lightning in a Bottle, are seamless. It is beautiful. It is damn near perfect. Despite their massive growth in recent years, they still manage to uphold their ethos. A place where music, art, sustainability, and intention fuse together, magnificently. People come from all over the world to experience the magic they create and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. LIB has a special place in my heart, as it was the first west coast festival I ever experienced.

I loved it so much I kept coming back. It became an annual pilgrimage of sorts for me, a soul pilgrimage. After graduating college and moving abroad, I eventually found myself yearning for that sense of community and inspiration immersion I had yet to experience anywhere else. With time, that desire increased and I decided the only way to cure my craving was to move back to the states and make the west coast my permanent home. And here I am.

Dozens upon dozens of festivals under my belt and hundreds of new best friends later, I am reminded time and time again that humans are awesome. When we come together with the right mindset, we have the capability to create really, incredibly beautiful stuff. Music makes the world go ‘round. Festivals show us that we can, in fact, live in a world based on acceptance and connection. If you don’t believe me, find out for yourself. In the words of Hunter S. Thompson, buy the ticket, take the ride.

Why What The Festival is the Effin Best

What The Festival… perhaps the most appropriately named festival, as there are far too many instances where “W.T.F.” seems to be the only appropriate response… in a good way—the best way.

The journey to get there is something out of a Wes Anderson film. The most beautiful landscapes you’ve ever seen. Little towns you thought only existed in children books. Everyone is cute, and nice, and asks to pump your gas 😉

Taking place amongst one of the most breathtakingly venues in existence, What The Festival is all about the freshness, fresh air, and even fresher tunes. You can listen to your favorite producer in the midst of not 1, not 2, but 3 snow-peaked mountains. THREE! Effin magic.

Musically, What The Festival crushes it. No questions. This is always going to be a matter of taste or opinion, but trust me- they know what they’re doing when it comes to curating a lineup. You’re guaranteed to hear things you’ve never heard before; not the type of thing you’re going to wish you hadn’t, either. The type of thing where you are going to look at your bestie and say, wtf is this?! Proceed to make your way front and center, and head bang, just like the good ole days.

You can do that at What the Festival. You don’t have to worry if your flower crown is crooked or if your glitter eyeliner is running. You don’t care. You’re present. You’re in it. And you’re loving every minute of it.

As soon as one soul-shakin’ set is complete, there’s another one happening right around the corner through an enchanted forest. REAL LIFE. It’s rare that a festival manages to find the perfect balance between quality and quantity. Yet, they seem to have perfected the art.

And speaking of art, this aspect alone takes What the Festival to a whole other level. #nextlev. I’m convinced each of their stages are portals to other realms. This is the only logical explanation. From a fire-breathing dragon to a pop-up club made of illuminated water-filled 3dimensional squares, your senses are on the ride of their lives.

Beyond the stage design, exists worlds upon worlds of exploration. Every nook and cranny are filled with art of some sort; something to tickle your imagination and have you wondering what on earth could you discover next. A ginormous glowing unicorn horn guides your path as you enter the wooded wonderland. From life-size Lite Brite to moonlit Mario Kart, there is something for you. You’re a participant. You’re a player. You matter!

As you continue on your journey, you just may stumble across a place where Miso soup is served from people in furry hats-an Asian themed arousing paradise, sure to tickle all your senses. You just may happen to come across an interactive art installation that resembles an alien womb, perfect for your next cuddle puddle. If you didn’t, you definitely experienced something just as cool, if not cooler. Everyone’s experience is different, and that’s what makes it awesome.

A true gem of the festival experience, What the Festival is the perfect blend of intimacy, immersion, and innocence- bringing out the kid in all of us. There are some lessons to be learned from this interactive treasure chest. As we dance and delve into the world of possibility that What The Festival creates, we don’t know what is around the next corner, but we are happy to find out with open arms.